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Pace Shaw

Pos: PG/SG  Height: 6'2"

Willie Petro

Pos: PG  Height: 5'11"

Che Fullerton

Pos: C  Height: 6'8"

Akeem Bennett

Pos: G/F  Height: 6'3"

Nayquann Mitchell

Pos: F  Height: 6'8"

Cliff Brown

Pos: PG  Height: 6'2"

Stephon Vance

Pos: SG  Height: 6'2"

Aaren Edmead

Pos: PG  Height: 5'11"

Norman Wilson

Pos: G  Height: 6'1"

Anthony "Ant" Cox

Pos: PF/C  Height: 6'9"

Deondre Wade

Pos: F  Height: 6'5"

Brandon Thomson

Pos: PG/SG  Height: 6'2"

Alex Mattina

Pos: PG/SG  Height: 6'3"

Jordan Fuchs

Pos: F  Height: 6'6"

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