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We help clients, organizations, agencies, and brands plan, execute and optimize high-performing digital ad campaigns with advanced targeting utilizing all forms of creative.


  • Managed Service. Full managed service operation to deliver your campaigns. AdOps and Client Services will provide support throughout the execution of every campaign.

  • Publisher Network. Utilize a premium content environment and/or target specific audiences.

  • Advanced Targeting. Target 1.5B+ profiled users across 2,500+ different targeting combinations.

    • Interest Categories

    • Geo-fence

    • Demographics

    • Device Type

    • Contextual

    • Time Scheduling

    • and more...

  • Multiple Ad Formats. Display and Rich Media Ads.

  • Brand Safety. Integrated 3rd party platforms to verify the correct environment for your brand.


Full range of reporting

  • Impresssions, CTR, CPC, viewability, creatives, creative sizes, operators, operating system, browser, device type, app/site, location - city/state, day-by-day, day of week, time period

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